Frequently Asked Questions:  Warranty

Here are a few answers to our most frequently asked questions about warranty issues:

What is STS warranty on their rifles?
STS warrants their rifles to be free from defects in parts or finish for the lifetime of the original purchaser.

What is STS warranty on coatings?
Cerakote will last much longer than competing finishes.  But, like all other finishes, it will eventually wear.  STS warrants the finish to be free from applicator's defects.  This means there will be no peeling, chipping, or flaking - ever.  The coating may eventually wear completely through due to abrasion, but it should not come off due to peeling, flaking, or chipping.  It should also not corrode from underneath.  If any of these things occur, discontinue use of your firearm and allow STS to refinish the affected part.

If there is a warranty service issue/need, what is the proper procedure for return?
Please give us a call at 541-336-3006 to inform us of the problem, give us opportunity to troubleshoot the issue before return.  This is in case the problem is something simple and saves everyone time to get it sorted out before the need to return an item.  After getting authorization from us to return the firearm, then you can send to us.  This is a lot better than something coming in out of the blue and us scratching our heads as to what is wrong.  It also speeds up return of your repaired, recoated, or replaced product.

Where do I ship my firearm to get it serviced?
Ship to:

625 N. Bay Blvd.  Unit 5
Toledo, OR 97453

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