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Site map page for STS Arms LLC, featuring everything you need for the finest AR15 M16 M4 platform weapon rifle.  Some define these as "assault rifles".  STS Arms defines them as "rifles to suppress tyranny".  Built of the finest AR15 components, we find the best barrels, barrel extensions, bolt carrier groups, extractor springs, triggers, accessories, magazines, uppers and lowers, receiver extensions, buffer springs, enidine buffers, PWS FSC556 brakes.  If you think you are looking for a Colt, Bushmaster, BCM, or M&P15, you might want to take a look at STS Arms for a higher performance and better value rifle.

We are a custom AR rifle builder specializing in both production rifles and custom orders.  Built for accuracy or light weight or both?  Our custom rifles can be built for varminting or competition as well as more practical ventures such as trunk guns, patrol rifles, or home defense rifles.  Our production barrels are either chrome lined or Melonite (salt bath nitride).  The improved performance of salt bath nitride assists in both corrosion resistance and extending barrel life without harming accuracy like chrome lining does.
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