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Ceramic Coated  ST4 / AR15 Rifles

STS Arms, LLC continually works to provide the highest quality parts and workmanship in its rifles.   Whether for SWAT, patrol, personal defense, or competition, the end users of our rifles cannot afford failure and we build our rifles to fit that need.  Our customers can not afford to fail and therefore, we cannot afford to have our product fail.  We are not ultimately concerned about brand name of a particular part, but rather performance.  We use certain parts because they do not fail.

Integral to our product is the finish.  In virtually every part on our rifles, we utilize the highly advanced ceramic technology provided by NIC Industries Cerakote and Microslick.  With careful application of these products on an AR15 platform rifle, the system becomes more reliable, smoother cycling and nearly corrosion proof.

Microslick is a product originally designed for use on the internal parts of automotive motors, such as piston heads.  To call it an advanced dry film lubricant is probably doing it an injustice.  It is far more advanced than that.  This is the product we use on most of the internal parts of our rifles due to both lubricity and how thinly we can apply it.  The rifle industry is slowly realizing what we have known for years: that Microslick is the finish to be using on internal parts of AR15 rifles.

Cerakote is the product we use on the exterior of our rifles.  It is highly corrosion and abrasion resistant.  Independent tests commissioned by NIC Industries showed that it could withstand thousands of hours of salt spray tests as well as many being times more abrasion resistant than competing spray on finishes.

All of these components factor into a rifle that is more than the sum of its parts.  Our rifles have endured months of environmental abuse while maintaining a flawless functioning record for beyond 9,000 rounds without cleaning or maintenance (other than wiping the mud off the rifle).  They have excelled in demonstration shoots where fully automatic fire was the norm for 3,500 rounds of flawless functioning in time periods so short the sound/flash suppressor's quick detach mount was heated and eroded enough to need later replacement (not due to failure, but wear).  Every one of our rifle packages has this performance value, from basic to full custom.

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