Frequently Asked Questions:  National Firearm Act

Here are a few answers to our most frequently asked questions about National Firearms Act issues:

Does STS Arms sell NFA items?
STS is a Class 07/SOT FFL holder.  It can manufacture NFA items for civilian use as well as for law enforcement and military/government use.  This means we can build machine guns (for LE and government only), silencers, short barreled shotguns and rifles, and AOW (any other weapon) classified firearms.  We currently manufacture short barreled AR15 pattern rifles for transfer to regular purchasers.  We can also transfer silencers and other NFA items to civilians.

What NFA items are available to non-law enforcement or non-military entities?
Regular purchasers who are not law enforcement / governmental agencies cannot be transferred machine guns manufactured after 1986.  All other NFA items are fine for Oregon residents.  Your state laws may vary.

What is NFA?
The 1935 National Firearms Act restricted the transfer of certain items (declared “firearms” by the act) which include machine guns, silencers, short barreled rifles and shotguns, and some other types with certain features which were then classified as “any other weapons”.  The transfer of these “firearms” required the payment of a $200 tax to the Government and registration with their central registry.  In the late 1980s federal firearms legislation prohibited newly manufactured machine guns from transfer to anybody other than authorized dealers and governmental agencies.  This is what is called a “post '86”  firearm.   You can't have one.  Neener.  Talk to your congressman if this upsets you (as it should).

What is required for an NFA transfer?
For normal folk, any short barreled rifle or shotgun, or silencer, needs to be transferred to them using an ATF supplied Form 4.  You can get one of these online here:  This form needs to be filled out and signed in duplicate (a photo copy of the first ought to do), a passport quality photo attached to both.  Under normal circumstances you will need sheriff or chief of police sign-off on this form.  You will also need to supply fingerprint cards which have to be done by law enforcement.  Normal turnaround time for Form 4s is about four to six months wait.  The cost of regular transfer tax is $200, paid to the ATF.  AOW transfer taxes cost $5 to the ATF.  The normal situation is that they cash the check you send long before they actually get to your paperwork.  Calls can be made to the ATF to check on the status of the application, though doing before about two to three months is a venture in futility.  They are way behind, currently.

Does STS do permanent flash hiders to make up the 16 inch legal barrel length?
Yes, we do this for an added charge of $50, plus the cost of the brake or muzzle device (if not already included in the price of the rifle), plus the cost difference in the barrel (if any).  Some barrels shorter than 14.5” can have certain devices permanently installed to make a legal 16” length (as measured from the muzzle to the bolt face with the bolt closed).

Is there an advantage to having my silencer coated?
Ceramic has the properties of cooling surfaces much faster than normal finishes.  Keeping silencers/suppressors cool has many advantages including reduced wear and tear, more sound/flash suppression for longer strings of fire, and it cools quicker to help avoid burns to the shooter or his equipment.

Can STS receive NFA items for coating?
Yes.  Under the gunsmithing exception, STS can receive NFA items for refinishing and repair services in the same manner as normal GCA (Gun Control Act of 1968) firearms.

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