Frequently Asked Questions:  Miscellaneous

Here are a few answers to our most frequently asked questions about miscellaneous issues:

What is a perfect no-fail pot roast recipe?
The perfect no-fail pot roast recipe is to take a 5lb beef roast and rub flour, salt, and pepper on the outside.  Uncovered and fat side up in an open roaster pan, stick it in the oven at 500 degrees for 30 minutes.  Turn off the oven after 30 min.-no heat at all.  Then, this is the most important part, DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN FOR ANY REASON and let the oven cool over the next two hours.  After this, you can remove the roast and either serve immediately, or cover with foil to preserve the temperature and serve a little later.  This produces a perfectly cooked, moist roast every time.  You'll thank us later.

I voted for Obama.  Can I still buy STS products or have my firearm coated?
If you voted for Obama, you must either provide proof (through a doctor's statement of his professional opinion) that you were clinically insane at the time of the election, or submit a sworn affidavit that you repent from your previous voting record and will not vote for Obama again.

If you voted for Hillary, we are sorry.  We cannot help you.

I live in California.  Does STS Arms make California legal rifles?
For a small fee, STS installs California legal bullet button magazine releases on their rifles and provides 10 round reduced capacity magazines before shipment to California.

What are the specifications for the rifle in the background picture of your website?
That is an 11.5" barreled 300 Blackout ST4 select fire rifle with Troy MRF rail, YHM 30 cal suppressor, Trijicon optics, flip troy sights, KNS anti-rotational pins, and Magpul MOE furniture.  It is one of our guns for law enforcement demonstrations.
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