STS Arms -- Long Gun Gallery

These are some of the long guns we have coated.  They include rifles, shotguns, and belt-fed machineguns.  Enjoy.

1919 OD Green 1919 OD Green 1919 OD Green
Benelli OD Green Lancer L15 Tungsten Grey Lancer L15 Tungsten Grey
Apex Tactical Tungsten Grey M700 Snakeskin ST4 Basic Tactical Grey
ST4 Beavers ST4 Ducks ST4 Tulare Co. OD Green
ST4 Law Enforcement Tactical Grey ST4 Troy M7 ST4 Patrol MOE Tungsten Grey
ST4 Patrol Tungsten Grey ST4 10.5" TRX w/ Can ST4 10.5" TRX w/ Can
ST4 Improved Rifle in Saber Sand ST4 Red Tiger Stripe Dark Earth & Foliage Green
Tungsten Grey ST4
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