Law Enforcement Sales:

Refinish - Repair - Refit - Upgrade:

STS Arms offers unique programs for law enforcement agencies in that formerly "worn out" agency firearms can be restored to like new condition with Cerakote and Microslick.  Not only is the firearm restored, it will work better than it ever did.  Cerakote will last longer and require less maintenance than the original finish.  This restoration can be done for AR15 / M16 patrol rifles, Remington 870 shotguns, and many other duty firearms.

Restorations/upgrades can be done on a department's maintenance budget, not requiring the same large expenditure review and approval process of firearms replacement.  Small quantities of duty firearms can be taken out of service at a time and contracts for less than department wide upgrade can be made on a yearly and budgetary basis.  As funds become available, STS can refinish what firearms the department can afford when they can afford it.  In our current economy with greatly reduced tax revenues, this option has manifold advantages in that it:

-- Breaks up expenditures into mulitple years
-- Produces durable results
-- Is an economical and ethical use of taxpayers' funds

Patrol and Special Weapons:

STS produces rifles tailored to the law eforcement professional.  Ready to provide bids and quotes for Cerakote rifles, STS Arms is available for contact via phone and email.  We can build and supply machine guns and short barreled rifles as well as normally registered and regulated semi-auto rifles to qualified governmental agencies.  STS has supplied machine guns, short barreled rifles, and patrol rifles to many different agencies.  These agencies have all been very pleased with the results.  When the lives of deputies and troopers are on the line, STS rifles deliver the reliability and performance necessary to prevail.

Any questions not answered here or in the FAQ about supply to law enforcement agencies should be directed to Larry Bryan at STS Arms.  He is listed in the contact page.
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