Frequently Asked Questions:  General

Here are a few answers to our most frequently asked questions about STS Arms:

What is so great about an STS Arms rifle?
STS Arms rifles start with the same (or better) high quality component parts as other AR platform rifles.  However, this is where the similarities end.  Parts at STS get completely refinished in Cerakote or Microslik (depending upon the use) to improve performance and corrosion resistance at every level of use.  Coatings are optimized to ensure your STS rifle will still be running when the other rifles have already been junked for spare parts.  It is routine for our rifles to run without cleaning for thousands upon thousands of rounds, full-auto (law enforcement or military users only) or semi-auto.  Upgraded models with Enidine buffers and PWS brakes are stabilized at both ends of the rifle for unbelievably silky smooth cycling and shot-to-shot recovery.

How can I get an STS Arms rifle?
If your dealer doesn't already carry STS Arms rifles, he should.  However, you can contact STS Arms directly and request us to get into contact with your dealer.  You can call us at 541-336-3006 or email to order and start the transfer process to your dealer.

If the internals and inside of a firearm are coated won't this ruin the functionality?
STS Arms coatings and processes are not like other coaters.  We do not "glop" on a product and leave the consumer to reassemble his firerarm.  This is why our price quotes include assembly.  We use Cerakote products such as Microslik on a lot of the internal parts to ensure 100% functionality of your firearm.  Cerakote itself is not as thick as other products and is far more conducive to internal coating without failures.  Rest assured, the functionality of your firearm will either be the same or improved from when you sent it to us.  Concerning competition 1911s, the owner of STS Arms is a competition shooter and builder of 1911s and 2011s and knows what it takes to apply Cerakote without affecting functionality of your competition pistol.

Can I come to STS Arms factory to visit?
Due to our production schedule, walk-in business is not possible.  Please call to set up a time to visit.  The number to call is 541-336-3006.

Does STS Arms sell NFA items?
STS is a Class 07/SOT FFL holder.  It can manufacture NFA items for civilian use as well as for law enforcement and military/government use.  This means we can build machine guns (for LE and government only), silencers, short barreled shotguns and rifles, and AOW (any other weapon) classified firearms.  We currently manufacture short barreled AR15 pattern rifles for transfer to regular purchasers.  We can also transfer silencers and other NFA items to civilians.

Does STS sell rifles to law enforcement and governmental entitites?
Yes.  We sell rifles and machineguns to law enforcement and governmental entities.  We look forward to invitations to bid and requests for demonstrations.  Our products are superior to the competition and we relish every opportunity to prove it.  Please call 541-336-3006 and request to contact Larry for our law enforcement sales or demonstrations.
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