Frequently Asked Questions:  Firearm Coating / Coating Questions

Here are a few answers to our most frequently asked questions about STS Arms coating services:

Can I get my firearm coated by STS?
With a few exceptions, STS can coat virtually anything.  There are a few firearms we won't coat (Calico, SPAS).  Please call for an exact quote on your firearm.  We can coat plastics (without melting them), optics, some electronics, mounts, and many other things.

What colors of Cerakote are available?
Any color NIC Industries makes is available.  If it is something STS doesn't normally carry, we can order it in for a surcharge.  As normal, you will have to call us to get a quote.

What is Cerakote?
Cerakote is a product of NIC Industries which combines ceramic particulate with high grade coatings to produce an extremely wear and corrosion resistant finish which lends itself to self lubrication.  This finish outperforms all other similar finishes.  You can learn more about it by visiting

Are there cleaning agents I can't use to clean with Cerakote?
No.  There are no cleaning agents which affect Cerakote or Microslik that can be normally obtained for cleaning firearms.  Unlike other spray on finishes or anodizing, sonic cleaners do not affect the finish.  Clean away without any worries.

How much is it going to cost to coat my [insert firearm here]?
Generally speaking, AR15's range from $350 and up depending upon the parts (hand guards) and whether you want the grips and stock done, too.  AK47s are $375 and up.  Pistols range from $250 and up.  Revolvers are $275 and up.  Shotguns are $225 and up (autos start at $275).  Bolt action rifles are $275 and up.  Lever action rifles are $300 and up.  Other auto rifles start at $375 and tend to quickly pass up $400.

What gets coated in a custom coating project for my firearm?
In short, everything that isn't the stock, grip, forestock (or tritium sights).  Stocks are extra and we normally won't touch your trititum sights other than to get them off the gun before coating.  We disassemble your firearm as far as is reasonably possible to coat every spring, pin, and detent.  The firearm gets coated inside and out.

If the internals and inside of a firearm are coated won't this ruin the functionality?
STS Arms coatings and processes are not like other coaters.  We do not "glop" on a product and leave the consumer to reassemble his firerarm.  This is why our price quotes include assembly.  We use Cerakote products such as Microslik on a lot of the internal parts to ensure 100% functionality of your firearm.  Cerakote itself is not as thick as other products and is far more conducive to internal coating without failures.  Rest assured, the functionality of your firearm will either be the same or improved from when you sent it to us.  Concerning competition 1911s, the owner of STS Arms is a competition shooter and builder of 1911s and 2011s and knows what it takes to apply Cerakote without affecting functionality of your competition pistol.

In a custom firearm coating job, can I leave some parts of my firearm uncoated?

You can certainly request that certain parts be untouched.  We might not recommend it, but we can definitely leave selected parts alone.  We can also mask parts so that certain parts do not get coated (such as plastic windows or logos).  Masking may cost extra.

Where do I ship my firearm to get it coated?
Ship to:

625 N. Bay Blvd.  Unit 5
Toledo, OR 97453
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