Coating Services -- Cerakote

STS Arms, LLC provides coating services for individual customers, industry manufacturers, and parts suppliers.  The same level of coating excellence exhibited in our rifle packages is applied to our customers' projects, no matter the size.

Whatever the need, STS Arms, LLC is capable of restoring firearms to superb operating order, upgrading finishes to heretofore unknown levels of performance, providing color options for parts or products in an otherwise monochromatic market, or improving the corrosion and wear resistance of mass produced gun parts.  In a short period of time, STS has seen success with projects ranging from 1919 machinegun restoration to small parts coating and everything in between.  Shotguns and hunting rifles have received much needed makeovers as well as nearly worn out AR15 rifles.  Badly rusted handguns have been given new lives, operating flawlessly.  Competition guns have been one of STS's specialties as owners and employees have shot competatively since the 1970s.  Whether three-gun or IPSC, improved performance isn't just the goal, it is reality.
NIC Industries Cerakote

STS Arms, LLC uses NIC Industries Cerakote and is one of their premier coaters.  Cerakote is currently the best coating product in the industry.  Microslick is their low-friction coating STS uses for many moving parts.  NIC Industries' products provide unparalleled performance over other spray finishes.  Corrosion becomes a relic of generations past with properly applied Cerakote.  Firearms coated with Cerakote see reduced wear as well as increased performance.  Cleaning becomes nearly optional.

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STS can refinish in Cerakote and Microslick:

General Pricing:
AR15 platform rifles  -- $375 and up
Lever action rifles  -- $400 and up
Bolt action rifles (no stock)  -- $300 and up
Semi-auto rifles  -- $425 and up
Machineguns  -- please call
Pump shotguns  -- $275 and up
Semi-auto shotguns  -- $325 and up
Revolvers  -- $275 and up
Pistols  -- $275 and up

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