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STS Arms, LLC produces high quality AR15 pattern rifles and offers firearm re-finishing using NIC Industries Cerakote.  Our ST4 and Oregon Special model rifles are constructed using the highest quality components, often sourced from manufacturers who supply mil-spec parts to the United States Government.  Trainers, law enforcement, and SWAT in Washington, Oregon, California, and Nevada currently use our rifles.

Rifles produced by STS Arms, LLC are assembled and coated for hard use applications in harsh environments which can include salt spray, rain, dust, high volume fire, and long term storage with requirements for immediate use.  Advantages of Cerakote in these instances are high corrosion resistance, low dust attractant, low maintenance, and high heat dissipation over standard mil-spec finishes as well as newer advanced firearm finishes.

Our Cerakote finishing results are second to none and have gained wide respect and attention from other manufacturers within the industry.  We know how to coat firearms, not just a surface.

Please check out our website to see all the products and services we offer:

AR 15 Rifles:  Ceramic coated inside and out, STS' AR15 pattern rifles are the most advanced and reliable rifles manufactured today.

NFA Rifles / Services:  STS is an 07 FFL/SOT capable of manufacturing short barreled rifles, shotguns, and machineguns (sorry, LE and Military only).  We also do class 3 transfers for suppressors.  We welcome civilian sales.

Parts:  When we're running a surplus, we sell individual AR15 rifle parts.

Coating Services:  We Cerakote and Microslick complete firearms or even just parts.  Contact us if you have a production / bulk manufacturing need.

Law Enforcement:  We build rifles to suit the unique needs of law enforcement agencies.

FAQs:  Check out our frequently asked questions if you have questions.  We even have a section for NFA items.

Links:  We have linked to some of our suppliers

While the heart of STS Arms' business is coatings, STS produces AR15 pattern rifles for general use and also custom designed rifles for customers' widely varied purposes.  STS has produced rifles for general use, plinking, competition, law enforcement, civillian defensive purposes, and hunting.  Nearly any configuration of AR15 is available as a custom build.  STS strives to be on the forefront of AR15 development, in that custom built rifles feature the latest in developmental technologies (based on improved performance and utility).

STS is also currently developing AR10 / SR25 / DPMS pattern .308 rifles which should be available at some time in 2014.  All .308 rifles will be intended as custom high end builds for specific customer needs.

Other projects on the horizon include rifle and pistol caliber suppressors, 1911 platform pistols, and high accuracy custom bolt action rifles.